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If …

  • you have dementia
  • you want to prepare for possible cognitive decline (and maybe dementia)
  • you want to use information more effectively in your life, career, activities

try to become a world-class visual thinker before advancing to cognitive impairment or dementia. If you are in the early stages of dementia you might also benefit from some of these technique.

There are many posts about these different methods and topics in this blog. Use the search tool to find appropriate posts.

I will continue to make new posts in this series about each of the topics listed in the mind map.

Click the mind map to expand it.

I personally use the methods listed in the mind map to help me deal with my own dementia. I think I am doing a pretty good job of that and you might also, although there are absolutely NO guarantees and I am not suggesting that everyone should try what I do as it is quite possible that they will not benefit if they do experiment with the techniques.

But if you are facing the issues that I am, or are concerned about being prepared for the future whether good or bad, consider looking at visual thinking methods. I learned much, primarily from the writings of Tony Buzan on mind mapping and visual thinking, the writings of Jerome L Singer on mental imagery and daydreaming and my opportunity to work with him when I was much younger, and the encyclopedic work of Roy Grubb on computer programs for visual thinking that has proven to be quite valuable to me. Perhaps the same skills will be helpful to you. It costs little but time to acquire the necessary skills.

Start with mind mapping (Buzan style), doodling and daydreaming in a positive-constructive way, and rich visual note-taking (in the style of Mike Rohde). These are all quite accessible methods.


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