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Without “work” I would be a mess.

After all, I spent 35 years as a knowledge worker. I expected to work until 75, instead I was fully disabled at 59. I got depressed and a little lost. Then I put myself to “work,” not as employee in a real work setting which would have been impossible but at home to regulate me and my behavior and try to make as much of my experience available to others as possible.

And I did some work on the theory of mind mapping by and for people with dementia, old people, young people, those in the healthcare or social care systems, those who provide services, families, caregivers, and others.

I am extremely proud of the “work” on the theory of mind mapping and the applications I prepared over three years.

It kept me from becoming a “mess.” Perhaps it will help you deal with dementia better if you keep yourself regulated using the familiar workplace schedule in which you were for decades before becoming disabled.. For some it is a good strategy to try to keep going in a secure environment (for me, it was my career) even inefficiently handled. I never could have worked in a real environment, but it was good for me to be the CEO of the George Huba Fantasy Workplace. Heck, I did such a good job, I even gave myself a raise and an extra week of vacation and a two-hour lunch with nap times as needed.

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  1. October 1, 2015

    You Sir, are a star! I think your maps are simply brilliant as organizational tools for anyone who needs to get organised – like me! Thank you Dr. Huba!

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