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I have dementia. #Buzan-style organic mind mapping has greatly improved quality of life.

Each of these videos employs time-lapsed recording. 8 minutes of elapsed time reduce to 1 minute of running time.

The videos were recorded over a 4 week period during the summer of 2015. I started using mind mapping to manage my cognitive impairment in 2010 (after having used alternate forms of non-Buzan-style mind mapping) in my career since the mid 1990s).

I love the 8 ==> 1 time lapsing. It makes me look 8 times smarter!!!

Note that these videos originally appeared in a series of blog posts over a month. if you would like to look at the individual videos — which include an explanation of the video content and an expanded final map, please search on “Part 12” for a series of links to the whole set of original posts.

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