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It had no idea what this was going to be about 20 minutes ago.

So I sat down and started with the title.

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At the end my brain felt recharged. Amazing what a little meditation and daydreaming can do.

This is one of the exercises I do to warm up my brain for “exercise.” Think of doing something similar both before and during cognitive impairment. This is just like your legs. Stretch them first and move around all day to keep everything running optimally.

I have dementia. #Buzan-style organic mind mapping has greatly improved quality of life.

Each of these videos employs time-lapsed recording. 8 minutes of elapsed time reduce to 1 minute of running time.

The videos were recorded over a 4 week period during the summer of 2015. I started using mind mapping to manage my cognitive impairment in 2010 (after having used alternate forms of non-Buzan-style mind mapping) in my career since the mid 1990s).

I love the 8 ==> 1 time lapsing. It makes me look 8 times smarter!!!

Note that these videos originally appeared in a series of blog posts over a month. if you would like to look at the individual videos — which include an explanation of the video content and an expanded final map, please search on “Part 12” for a series of links to the whole set of original posts.

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