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I am not sure if my mind maps will look more odd to individuals who are very experienced in mind mapping or to those who have little exposure to them. As both my skill in mind mapping and my dementia has progressed, my mind maps have gotten more unique or “odd” as some may characterize them. The colors are getting brighter, the branches more pronounced, the fonts relatively larger and many stylistic elements are ones you probably have never seen before. The images … well … I spend a lot of time looking for very unique ones and sometimes create my own out of either my photographs or public domain pictures and an editor.

I think the maps are more useful because I view them partially as art and my hobby and my style is getting pretty recognizable. I “own” my mind maps psychologically which encourages pride which motivates me to use them more and more. The cycle is a positive one.

These odd mind maps address a key issue in cognitive impairment, dementia, and mental illness: LACK OF MOTIVATION. These odd maps and their creation motivate me in various ways to complete tasks. This fact is extremely important.

The video shows the process of creating the mind map. You can skip it if you would like.

At the end of all the work shown in the video, the first image shows a static version of the final mind map ….

unique odd

and the second a simulated 3-dimensional version. Note that I personally rarely see any advantage in the 3-d versions and do not typically use them. But you might want to.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Mind maps with “odd.” unique, creative, funny, silly, cute and weird elements capture your attention as a reader and as a developer of the map, they motivate me to keep working on an optimal way of communicating with the reader.

Think unique, funny, creative and even weird when you develop a mind map for others. You will accomplish more and they will have something to “read” that will grab their attention.

Or, just think the three letters F-U-N. If it is fun for both the writer and reader than a true transfer of information is possible.

3d unique


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  1. August 20, 2015

    This video is mindblowing to watch – thanks, inspirational Doc!

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