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I ranked the first 9 superbands. After that, well they’re all tied.

I probably won’t remember this list when I get to late stage dementia but research and clinical observations suggest I will probably remember the music.

So, you remember this list [or Alexa will] and let’s party…

These are the MONSTER BANDS.

[Lynard Skynard should be on this list but I can’t stand the damn Confederate Flag thing: not an expression of independence but of continuing stoopidity.]

[Led Zeppelin should also be on the list but Jimmy Page’s behavior with a young teen should never be supported in any way.]

Huba's Favorite Rock Band of All Time

You have dementia or cognitive impairment. Your life sucks. Your quality of life is down from before your condition.

And …

Dwelling on losses all of the time is just pissing away time you could use to enjoy today and make your time enjoyable for your family, friends, and those who come in contact with you daily. Dwelling on loss all of the time is making your situation worse. Getting mad speeds up the fall.

Get over it. Focus on what you can do well today, not what you can no longer do. I can’t run two miles anymore or use aerobic equipment at the gym. I can walk a couple of quarter mile loops slowly with a smile, the sun shining on my face, nods and signs of encouragement to those running, and rest stops when I need them. AC/DC or the Stones or the Flecktones are blasting through the headphones.

I live well. You can too.

[And in case you wonder, Game of Thrones really sucks when you forget about being someone else’s image of cool like you used to, and get back to the work of having a great, productive, and efficient quality of life.]

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