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1) Print a copy of the mind map on a magnetic sheet [yes, Virginia, available at most Big Box stationery stories for laser printers]. I would go home and put this on the refrigerator or stick it to the file cabinet in my office.

2) Print a copy of the mind map on a 4×6 file card. I would fold it [for privacy] and put it in my wallet.

3) On the first Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of December text a copy of the mind map to my iPhone. Repeat every week until I make the appointment.

I’ll probably do it when I receive the first text.

Make  Appointment  with  Dr. B 2

The patient will probably believe — at least before everyone else does the same thing — that this is a cool doc who really cares.

PWD = Person with Dementia

Here is my mind map for the day. Pretty mundane but necessary.

The video shows my development of the map; time lapse 10 seconds = 1 second. Done before I had my first cup of coffee or any medications for the day.

Final map that I will carry around in my pocket all day. I will make a lot of hand modifications to this during the day as things change and tasks get added, scheduled, or deleted.

Today  Aug 2

Note to self: Next time have a cup of coffee first before running a video recording session on yourself.

This is Part 10 in a series of blog posts about how to make and use mind maps for people with dementia and everyone else. The earlier posts can be accessed through the links below.

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