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Here is another video of the process of developing a mind map. This map presents positive outcomes I have observed in MYSELF (no, not you or you or you … ME only). Of course mind maps may work as well for you as me but I have no ways of knowing that in advance.

This first video shows the first 34:32 minutes of the mind mapping condensed through time lapsing so that 8 minutes is shown as 1 minute.

And then … the dreaded computer freeze (yes Virginia, even MacBooks freeze). I rebooted, turned the computer off, watched TV, went to bed, got up, did other stuff all day, and now am coming back to this map at 5 PM the next day.

I was able to restart myself by spending a couple of minutes scanning the half-completed map and then continuing. I did not try to recreate the ideas of the prior day as I had all of them simultaneously in front of me. Notice that I skip to sections and expand them until the total seems to work.

Here is the additional 26:34 minutes of effort to complete the map. Or, in total about an hour.

And here is the final static mind map.

significant outcomes for me

Good things have happened for me as a consequence of using mind mapping to fight back against dementia.

Dr Anderson emailed this message to all American Psychological Association Members on July 23, 2015. Dr Anderson is the CEO of APA.

Dr Anderson was allowed by the Board of Directors of the APA to delay his departure from APA until late 2015. Had I been a member of the Board, I would have voted to make the departure effective immediately.

Same old, same old. APA needs to move the resignation date to take place immediately. And stop letting Dr Anderson rewrite history.

[As a context, I have been a full APA member since 1977 when I obtained my PhD and an elected Fellow since 1987. Mr Anderson’s involvement is partially documented in the report. He was also part of the horrible public reaction of the Association to the allegations over a period of years.]

apa1 apa2

I started using iMindMap in 2010 and this was one of the first maps I ever drafted on the activities of our company. It was updated with slightly revised content in 2011 to add an additional year of projects. I have also made some tiny formatting changes using the 2015 version of the program.

Had you asked me in 2010, I would have said that this was mind mapping. Contrast this map to the ones that were developed in 2013-2015 and posted in this blog. Wow, was I wrong.

The map shows some of the projects conducted by our company between 1988 through 2011.

The Measurement Group was started by me in 1988 and I was later joined by Dr Lisa Melchior in 1989. I divested my interests after retiring for medical reasons in 2011. Dr Melchior is now the sole owner of the company and brilliantly continues its activities in evaluating health and social programs. Lisa and I collaborated in all of the projects shown on the mind map. She may be reached by  or on the TMG web site at

I was privileged and blessed to work on the projects of The Measurement Group for 23 years and help improve healthcare and social care for vulnerable and poor individuals and families.

The Measurement Group