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Twitter brings brilliant people into the conversation who would not normally come to the attention of one another or “experts” in some area.

Sadly, the arrogance of many “experts” means that they do not follow others on Twitter and miss the contributions of ideas that are at least as good as theirs.

Don’t make that mistake. Brilliant is brilliant, creative is creative. Expand who you listen to worldwide. If they don’t tweet in English and you do not understand their language of tweeting, at least try one of the auto-translation programs. Creativity and brilliance is not just the domain of the English-speaking. Nor is creativity and brilliance just the domain of those who amassed a number of advanced professional degrees or “took” more money from others (often for garbage products; Bill Gates comes to mind)) than they could possibly ever need or wrote a book or published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Blue Old Wizard - Having An Idea

The wiz agrees. So does the mummy and the geek.

2  Geek Boy - Two Thumbs Up


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