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Evernote is my free form database. I store web clips, notes, pictures, tweets, selected email, receipts, and tasks I need to do there. Clip and save. Click and save. Email to Evernote with a click. Awesome.

Until you need to process the database.

Then, finding information is hard. You would like to add text to notes or tags to files or images to notes. Aaarrrggghhhh, the front end user controls of the information are a lot more difficult than they need to be.

Why can’t somebody make a front end for my 4,000 files in Evernote that looks like my email inbox and is just as easy to edit, delete entries, format, and add new information? It would be giant improvement over native Evernote.

Alternote for Mac!

Somebody developed the front end for Evernote that works just like an email client. And it works very very well.

On the Mac App Store. Five stars from me.


Frank likes it too.


Note after 3 more days … I just keep liking this app more and more. It tames Evernote better than any other way I have seen.

Even Wiz likes it.



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