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Undoubtedly I left off dozens of license-required professions. But the left portion of the mind map below makes the point obvious.

Of course, perhaps data science does not to be regulated.

After all, the practitioners of this arcane art form only publish information about your health care, medical needs, medical care, desire to buy unproven vitamins and supplements, insurability, credit worthiness, belief the US should bomb the Arab Countries back to the Stone Age, respect for Obama and Putin, willingness to provide adequate financial support to the elderly and disabled, odds of voting for Emperor Trump if it rains on election day, and input to decision makers who want to make better decisions from all of the data floating around. They probably also have access to everything that was on Hillary’s server before her staff started erasing emails.

And who needs to be licensed to operate a broom, regulate temperature in a caldron, prepare lizard skins and frog feet, speak in a language only spoken by other data scientists, and pronounce you worth of a new credit card, likely to vote for Trump if the weather is summer-like, able to afford a new car, liberal or conservative, and reaching the age that you will probably purchase death benefits insurance? At the current time, apparently no one.

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minimal ethics, and absolutely inexperienced and greedy analysts. Geeks run amok.

Data scientists need to pass licensure tests and be subject to regulatory bodies before we trust them with the world’s sensitive personal data.



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