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  1. Borrow a modern aircraft carrier(s) from one or more super powers (or UN Security Council Permanent Members).

  2. Remove (or disable) all weapons and other war tools.

  3. Retrofit crew quarters and common areas as a hospital.

  4. Fly in supplies by helicopter directly to flight deck of aircraft carrier.

  5. Park the carrier a few miles off-shore in international waters.

  6. Resupply the carrier by delivering directly to the flight deck. Helicopters can be stored in existing on-board hangers.


  1. Isolation because ship is at sea. Patients can be isolated from crew members necessary to maintain ship operations.

  2. A huge metal structure can be easily converted FAST.

  3. Metal is relatively easy to sterilize.

  4. Supplies, patients, and healthcare workers can be delivered easily and safely directly from all nations.

  5. Should Ebola spread into other areas ship can be moved closer to hot spots.

  6. A few less war machines will be lurking in international waters.

  7. Aircraft carriers are designed (and equipped) for long stays by personnel and have living quarters, food storage, health centers for healthcare workers, and most importantly large amounts of medical equipment already installed.

This not a dream. It is a practical reality and do-able solution.

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