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This morning I received a half dozen messages on Twitter informing me that I had been included (anchored) a Storify article.

I get at least a dozen tweet notifications every day that I have been included in one e-newsletter or another. Usually I skip reading them, although I do sometimes retweet  the notices from people I consider highly credible.

I was intrigued when I received the messages about being in Storify articles so I followed the links. What I found is that each of the Storifies had been created at CDNIS school in Hong Kong. The ones I received started with a tweet of mine, had information about my professional background (“credibility’), and then commented on related information. Then the bodies of knowledge related to the original tweet were evaluated and the links between knowledge bases were explored.

The teacher of these students and the students are to be commended. This is how research using tweeted information should be communicated and evaluated.

I have finally seen work I advocate on vetting Internet information done with great quality.

I am in awe over here in the USA 12 time zones away.

Here is an example (the most recent one I received).

Thank you to @FrancisTheGuy, @SharonNnNatalie, @JeffLeung89, @Patrick032852, @NHCDNIS, JKinghamCDNIS

I think these folks might be Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

A visual comment.






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