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Collectively, these programs will enable you to do many types of visual thinking.

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MAC visual thinking environment


Addition: September 19, 2014

  1. With some enhancements in the past six months, I believe that BigHairyGoal has surpassed scapple as a design-research canvas. A++ for BHG.

  2. I would add iMindQ to the mind mapping program list.

  3. The combination of iMindMap Ultimate and BigHairyGoal is an excellent one for a Mac Visual Thinking Environment. BigHairyGoal is a generally unrecognized program. It is exceptional as a canvas on which to assemble all of the information necessary for a research project. Anyone conducting research assembling text, images, links, and information such as that to be read in a specific word processing or display program should be using this program on a Mac. While iMindMap Ultimate incorporates many of the features of BigHairyGoal, they are far better realized in BHG and the two programs should be used in tandem, perhaps with results from iMindMap displayed on a BigHairGoal canvas with source information ringing the mind map.





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  1. March 15, 2014


    The five programs shown all work on a Mac. I am running Mavericks. You may need to check whether the individual programs run on an older version or you may have to upgrade your Mac OS version. iMindMap and iThoughts also have iPad and iPhone and PC and Android versions.

    Any and all program output (images) you find on my web site were generated on a MacBook Pro under Lion, Mountain Lion, or now Mavericks.


  2. March 14, 2014

    So a quick simple question: This works on AppleOS? Only for iPads,or also for iMac’s. I’m running a 10.6.8. And where does one acquire such an app if it does work on an iMac? I like the general idea of mind maps and have one that’s very old which I tried to do with some other online software (but it was a disaster). I have the thing in text only format (kind of an overview of performance psychology for the self), and this strikes me as something I could convert and make more intelligible to others using this “app”. I don’t do mobile computing or social media yet (I’m old school).

    I enjoy your -isms. Huba, huba.

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