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The rules of mind mapping are pretty simple. In their most general form they are …

  • Draw or paste a picture in the middle of the page
  • Draw branches from the central picture (idea) toward the outside of the page
  • Label the branches with major ideas
  • Look at the radiating picture as if it were a clock
  • Start with the branch at about 1 o’clock as your first idea
  • Label the branch with a major idea
  • Go clockwise and draw another branch and label it
  • Repeat
  • Next for each branch, draw some sub-branches for variations on the major idea
  • Sub-branches can have sub-branches
  • Each sub-branch should be more specific that the branch or sub-branch on which it is located
  • Keep looking at the map and adding or deleting branches and sub-branches
  • Do some memorable formatting with colors and flowing branches and font sizes

Got that, right?

OR maybe I should show you this?

[Click image to expand.]MIND  MAPS final


What do you think? Got it?

I knew you were that smart.