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Editorial in the New York Times, July 9 2013

The Decline of North Carolina

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The past six months have erased the prior 30 years of growth of human rights and social net protection in North Carolina. An enviable record in advancing diversity, opportunity, and respect over decades has been reversed by a conservative legislature (both houses) and a conservative governor who urges them on. Now, the privileges of the highest income are being increased as the needs and rights of everyone else are being increasingly ignored. Shame on my home state.

Update August 8, 2013: The lunacy of the state legislature and governor continues. They seem to be destroying everything provided to those in the great need groups. North Carolina is the largest pork producing state in the US. Perhaps they should put a big pig on the official flags flown at the governor’s mansion and state capitol.  (Or the current incumbents could start to fly the flag of the morally-bankrupt confederacy of 150 years ago.)