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I recently discovered an extremely flexible and easy to use a free-form outliner : Webflowy. On the web the program runs on Mac and PC; there are also iPad and iPhone apps, and everything synchs pretty effortlessly.

I have hundreds of list like events that occur daily:

  • to-dos and dones
  • places I go
  • directions
  • what I spend $ and $$$ on
  • restaurants
  • reactions
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

Workflowy is really simple to use and you will want it open on your notebook computer continuously.

A section of my life outline (everything combined) is shown below. Note that the outline expands and contracts easily, allows hashtags, has a good search algorithm, and easily produces OPML (and other) output. This section of the outline captures what I was thinking today as I experimented with Workflowy.


Want a picture? Select, save as OPML and open (import) in iMindMap. You can play around a little with the format or just use one of the built-in options. You can “alter” the outline-map and re-export easily to the Workflowy document.

Now my life will be better “saved” and visualized easily.

No more excuses. [Well, I coulda/shoulda added images to the mind map, but I was just trying to make a basic point about Workflowy. You will have a very useful mind map by just letting the mind map program run at its default settings when importing Workflowy data. You got it so I don’t feel guilty about not adding some graphic elements.]

As usual, click images to zoom.


Still feeling a little guilty — July 6, 2013 — here is a mind map that is better with added graphics from iMindMap.



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