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Yeah, I know most Americans do not want to hear this.

You are required to wear seat belts, in part because of the potential for brain injury sustained from a crash.

Football helmets do not provide adequate protection during football games OR practices.

There are lots of alternative sports without the same high potential for brain injury.

Hundreds of professional football players (and their doctors and lawyers) are certain that the players’ current cognitive and motor problems were caused by playing football: they are suing for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Don’t quote the Constitution to me like you do when rational people want to control the sale of guns. The Constitution does not guarantee you the right to kill yourself or your children or your peers by playing a team sport.

A few more arguments …

No Football

This figure shows my current core set of apps. I use these about 90% of the time when I am on the iPhone (in addition to the built-in apps). This set of apps permits you to do some pretty advanced calculations, manage tasks, write longish memos, clean up your pictures, use social media, show movies, take notes, and store web pages for later reading.

Who woulda thought in 1967 that tricorders would exist during the lifetimes of my high school friends and I; cell phones did not become available for another 20 years, and the original scientific calculator was released about 1974.

Now half of the adults around me in a college town look like Spock staring into his beloved tricorder (about 8 times the size of an iPhone). A lot of them seem to have about the same degree of social intelligence as Spock as they stare at the machines in restaurants with their friends.

Without further ado, a look at what is on my iPhone.

iphone 5 apps daily core set

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