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MindMapp is a brilliant new iPad app for mind mapping posted on the app store in mid-December. You can see my review of the app there. Break-through: this is an amazing app that changes the game, at least on the iPad (and hopefully iPhone).

To say that I highly recommend MindMapp is an understatement. Students and everyone who takes notes should have this app.

A map created in MindMapp about MindMapp. This was my first “real” map, and I know that I will get faster and better at this fairly rapidly. It took about 30 minutes to work through the instructions in the included self instruction module, practice, and then to draw the map.


Either way, it is extremely easy to produce a video like this from the program iMindMap. By all reports and predictions, similar automated presentations will be in other major mind map programs within a matter of months.

[I was making this type of animated map several years ago, first with Prezi and then my running a screen capture recording program in the back ground which I displayed a mind map. The integrated approach is far easier and quicker to implement.]

Once the professional providers of study materials for medical, legal, and nursing students get into the act (say in about 3 months) you will see these presentations everywhere. It costs almost nothing to produce these clips.

Sample Mind Map Animation: Simplistic and Runs Slowly for Demo