social, health, political imagery through the lens of G J Huba PhD © 2012-2021

Belief systems are fairly complicated things to get a grasp on. Each person’s beliefs contain many assumptions, some (more or less) information from factual sources, some emotional reactions, and some peer pressures to conform to some type of system.

I like mind maps as a tool for studying belief systems. I decided that I would map my beliefs about a number of issues I debate with others weekly on Twitter. Putting a number of beliefs on the same map lets both the map creator and others see how consistent some beliefs are (or are not) with one another. Are data shared between beliefs? Are there core values that underlie many beliefs? What can be predicted about the map creator’s beliefs in related areas.

Without too much further explanation, here is what I think I believe about some relatively contentious issues in American society (abortion, organized religion, health care reform, the US Congress, and others). This is Part 1. Sequels will appear regularly.

Beliefs Part 1  George J Huba


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