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When I retired about a year ago, I bought a MacBook Pro (the now-extinct 17-inch one) and gradually built the memory up to the max of 16B. I attached my three external hard drives (Larry, Curly, and Mo). I love my Mac.

From my previous pre-retirement life there are a few PC programs I used for years that have never been converted to the Mac. These are mainly technical programs as well as some data visualization apps that have special feelings for as I have used them so long, I know how to make comparisons to patterns I have seen in the past. I have also found some mind mapping programs that are only available for the PC that I would like to try.

What to do? Due to advances in technology, my Mac stays as the machine I use all day for fun, running my life, communicating. After 20+ life years in the PC world, I converted and life is good. There are many Macs for me in the future. And so I will get an inexpensive toaster only to run a few programs not available on the Mac. Pretty good toasters now come in small walk-away boxes for $299. Toasters are sold in the computer devices areas of most Big Box Stores. These toasters have more gigabytes and better screens than the Lenovos and Toshibas I used for two decades. I can even get a toaster in red, black, blue, silver, blue, pink, green. And the price means that if one gets broken you just throw it in the (recyclable) trash and buy another one. It’s worth it to have a little continuity. And I can put the thing away when I get tired of watching blue screens.

Why doesn’t every school child have a toaster (or even better an Apple version of the same or an iPad)? Toasters are the traditional present that folks give to the kids moving out, the bride and groom, and aging Aunt Tildie. The public school system should be buying every school child a toaster. The kids would learn more thus ensuring that our race survives, it would be cost effective to dump paper textbooks for computer versions, the toasters would warm the school room in winter, thousands of Chinese workers will keep their jobs while providing extra work for environmental clean-up companies, and world-wide peace will ensue. George Carlin and Bill and Ted understood this; why don’t schools? Be excellent to each other.

Click here for more about the names of my three hard drives.


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