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… you know that approximately three days have passed since you first started.

Heck, there are only 173,000,000 bloggers being tracked by Nielsen. I’ll leave it to somebody else to calculate how the blogosphere compares to various nations in terms of “worker hours” each week. The blogosphere is more productive than many countries. No wonder people get tired producing posts, reading posts, researching posts, complaining about posts, and making life decisions based on faulty advice contained in blog posts.

BT Barnum — the cultural icon who put Bridgeport, CT, on the map — would have loved the blogosphere. You know why.

Are the people you read really the people you read? Do they really know what they say they know and what you know they must know?

I think that we all know that there are not 173,000,000 people in the world capable of producing a blog that can be “trusted.”

Reader beware. For all you know I am just a dog sitting in his pajamas at the keyboard (although admittedly a pretty well-trained dog).