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Why the heck would anyone sit in front of an Apple Store for a few days to get a silly cell phone? After all, when I was younger and camped out all night, it was for baseball championship series tickets (California Angels) or to go to a Star Wars movie (4, 5, or 6 when first released in the late 70s, 80s). A phone? How can a mere Star Trek communicator wanna-be get the kind of attention received by a pale green Muppet that said everything backwards. Get it, I don’t.

It’s 2012. 140 characters. Info blasting away at my brain. From 1000s of places. People, PC, TV, tweets.

Wanna get my attention before the next person with a shiny penny arrives in 5/3/2 minutes? Help me VISUALIZE so we both can REALIZE.

Remember Ross Perot’s graphs? I still do. Woulda beat Clinton 1-on-1.

You can hold my attention for 5 minutes. Here is how to do it.